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Case Study: Rapid Thermal Integration for Tactically Responsive Satellites

Mission at a Glance:


The United States Space Force (USSF) aims to establish Tactically Responsive Space (TacRS) capabilities by 2026. One of the capability gaps is a satellite bus with thermal controls that meet a variety of orbital inclinations.


SQUID3 Space addresses the unique challenge of TacRS satellites, which require dynamic and versatile thermal technologies to achieve rapid mission build and integration within a timeline of 24 hours.


SQUID3 Space is developing cutting-edge thermal control systems and workflows that enable rapid configuration and integration of satellite thermal control systems for launch within hours.

This development is funded by SpaceWERX SBIR Phase I

Time Saved with SQUID3's Approach

Design & Build

3-6 months


4-7 days


1-3 hours

Our unique approach of pre-sizing and integrating thermal hardware onto a satellite bus ahead of customer payload arrival unlocks a groundbreaking delivery schedule, which is the primary driver of responsive space missions

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