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Thermal Management

For Time-Critical Missions

We're redefining satellite thermal control.


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An adaptable thermal control tape with software definability,

𝜶STRID™ transforms satellite radiators into

dynamic and programmable surfaces.

The Problem

You need thermal control systems configured and ready for launch at a pace traditional thermal technologies cannot provide.

The Solution

𝜶STRID™ enables satellite manufacturers achieve the integration of their thermal control systems 30x faster.

𝜶STRID™ revolutionizes spacecraft thermal control with software definability.

Our dynamic software programmability enables satellite manufacturers to quickly configure their thermal control systems to various payloads and on-orbit scenarios. Having 𝜶STRID™ in system architecture grants thermal systems engineers the flexibility to close design trades at later stages and pre-integrate thermal hardware before the arrival of customer's payload.


How Can We Help You?

SQUID3’s experienced team will help you identify what thermal solution is right for your satellite and mission

Engineered for rapid and tactically-responsive mission builds.

𝜶STRID™ is a multi-mission versatile thermal solution for standard satellite bus platforms. With 𝜶STRID™ in your thermal architecture, your thermal control system can instantly satisfy a change in mission needs, whether on ground or on orbit.

Download White Paper: "Using Adaptable Thermal Control for Multi-Orbits, Multi-Missions Spacecraft"

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Ground Support Software

Our software platform enables spacecraft engineers to input high-level mission and system parameters, generate a steady-state thermal profile, and configure 𝜶STRID™  accordingly – all within minutes. It features a library of predefined thermal designs for various orbits, allowing engineers to conveniently select the best options at ease.

Get Started Today With A Pilot Study

With various thermal technologies offered on market, there are several trades to consider when selecting the right thermal control hardware for your mission. However, it doesn't need to be stressful. We make it easy for you to evaluate our unique thermal technology at a minimal, fixed upfront cost before committing to a full order for your entire satellite.



Our team will get in touch to understand your overall expectations on the pilot 



We provide thermal analysis to help you determine if 𝜶STRID™ is right for your mission



We configure a sample based on your unique specifications and performance requirements



That's it! Go build and launch your next satellite with the benefits of 𝜶STRID™ thermal tapes

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