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Next-Gen Satellite Thermal Control

We engineer and provide thermal solutions for time-critical missions and dynamic space operations.


Our revolutionary thermal solutions for rapid integration & versatile multi-orbit, multi-mission satellite bus


The industry's first-ever software definable thermal control tape

A smart and flexible polymer film that transforms static satellite exteriors into dynamic radiator surfaces with programmable absorptance properties

Control Board

Our multi-functional, rad-tolerant controller manages radiator performance and heater usage in real-time, where changes in mission scenarios and payload operations can be instantly satisfied on-orbit

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Ground Support Software

Our software platform enables spacecraft engineers to input high-level mission and system parameters, generate a steady-state thermal profile, and configure 𝜶STRID™  accordingly – all within minutes. It features a library of predefined thermal designs for various orbits, allowing engineers to conveniently select the best options at ease

Explore Our Case Studies

Discover how SQUID3's technologies and workflows deliver flexible design, rapid integration, and dynamic space operation

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Rapid Thermal Integration for Tactically Responsive Satellites

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Satellite Servicing

Multi-Orbit Thermal Control For Servicing Vehicles

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